cosmetic dentistryVirtually 99.7% of adults, according to an AACD survey, believe in the importance of a healthy smile. In social standing, a good smile represents good health, a nutritional diet, and good genes. However, you don’t have to have naturally aligned teeth in order to obtain the healthy white smile you long for.

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry that aims to maintain not only the health of teeth but also their appearance and function as a means of increasing self-confidence. If your teeth are healthy, but you’re looking to advance the appearance of your teeth such as brightening your smile then you may consider consulting a cosmetic dentist.

What dental issues can cosmetic dentistry fix?
Cosmetic dentistry can help whiten your teeth from years of discoloration or stains, which may have been caused by coffee or smoking. Cosmetic dentistry can also help with misalignment, crowding, decay, dental gaps, crooked teeth, cracks and chip, and misshapen teeth.

Can cosmetic dentistry fix my front tooth gap?
Cosmetic dentistry can fix tooth gaps utilizing teeth bonding. Teeth bonding uses composite resin to cover the gap between your front teeth after having been shaped and sized properly by your cosmetic dentist. After the resin has been applied and shaped, the dentist then uses ultraviolet light to harden it before smoothing out the surface. The procedure can be done in one visit.

Can a cosmetic dentist provide dental implants?
If you have adequate and healthy gums, cosmetic dentistry can provide dental implants for those with missing or dead teeth. A titanium post is implanted directly into the jaw and a crown is placed over the post to create the illusion, and function, of a real tooth. Dental implants can increase your confidence in your smile and can also make it easier for patients to eat and speak depending on the placement of the implant.

Is cosmetic dentistry for anyone?
Cosmetic dentistry can be used by anyone insecure about their smile. Even if you’re simply worried about discoloration, a practiced cosmetic dentist can whiten and brighten your teeth and make your smile something to be proud of.

However, before you seek treatment from a cosmetic dentist, be sure to visit your regular dentist or orthodontist to ensure the health of your smile as some cosmetic procedures, such as dental implants, cannot be performed if your gums are weak or unhealthy.